I build beautiful brands inside and out.

I believe your Brand Identity should encapsulate the soul & beauty of who you truly are, to create a powerful vibe and personality that attracts your best clients. I LOVE web design and branding which invites intrigue and attraction. The experiences I create bring the beauty of online sales and organic digital marketing to life! My clients are proud to be seen and always get a boost of energy when we launch!

Brand Freedom is a movement I started to empower entrepreneurs to bring out their best in the most natural way possible. It is a philosophy that gives you the power to implement and initiate all online strategies (even the ones you don’t like) and make them your own! We do this by exploring your Primary and secondary Archetype, a philosophy created by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. Understanding who you are and your ideal client is at a deeper level will boost your success in life, brand, and business, significantly. 


This is for women who:

  • are driven, enthusiastic, and fired up!
  • trust themselves
  • appreciate and desire more originality
  • practice self-care & mindfulness 
  • know it is time for a brand expansion
  • want more creativity in their business strategy
  • are ready for Brand Freedom!

Every Brand Has A Visual Voice

I work with empowered entrepreneurs who know what they want and who they are! (They just need my magic to put it all together.) You are ready to have me take the shifts and growth you and your business have had over the last year to a level that matches your energy. I believe all brands have energy and it changes over time.

Beautiful brands inside and out!


Can you currently express yourself fully and not feel like an imposter or like something is missing? Have you put together your business in a way that seems professional but something is “off” and not 100% you? Brand Freedom begins when you are FREE to share your knowledge, solutions, and your entire repertoire with the world unapologetically inside and out! Let’s create a business and brand that is in flow with your natural traits and skills so you have the space to expand when you are ready to.


If this resonates with you so far, it’s probably because your intuition is nudging you to do something. Ultimately, we are shaped and influenced by others in our past and that affects the way we run and show up for our business every single day. Knowing how to identify and shape a “unique to you” brand and business is critical to your success. 


With the ever-changing spectrum of the online business world, getting to the top and staying there is becoming rare. More people are struggling and hustling now more than ever. All the sparkly objects out there trying to capture your attention constantly make the online business world more confusing! This is a common problem. There is more than enough for everyone and your only true competitor is yourself. Start paying attention to yourself and what you want to deliver to the world and you can have more of it to do good things and meet good people.


Being curious and experimenting with new ideas when you finally have sales and a good thing going can sound stressful. (Who wants more work and what if it fails?) You may be losing your Brand Freedom out of fear of changing anything that is already in place. So many people pass up the opportunity to be at the top of their industry because they do not get seen growing and testing out new ideas. Their Brand becomes hidden because they essentially are not growing themselves and stay where they are.


Show YOU off! I work to elevate your Personal Brand, so your service is magnificent, intelligent, creative, eye-flashing, and beautiful inside and out! We unlock you from your “brand prison”, so you can freely grow and try out new ways of doing things without constant perfectionism, old stories, and old corporate brand rules getting in the way.

Hear from my happy clients!

Jeana & Jared

Jeana & Jared

Owners of the Fox & Stone

"Working with Alley Jean was one of the best decisions we have ever made for our business. The process she uses is very intuitive. The way she approaches creating a brand helped us clearly define not only who we are and what we wanted our brand to look like, but also helped us hone exactly who we want to be. Building a brand with her was like taking an in-depth course in what branding should evoke, what it should inspire, who we want to be evoking and inspiring, and then teaching us how to use that branding to attract those people. When all was said and done, Jared and I both felt a deeper connection to our business, each other, and the customers we love working with. In terms of monetary gain, having a solid brand that we can confidently share with the world increased our profits and enabled us to really start pursuing our dreams of building our custom design studio. We made a dynamic shift in what the way we do business means thanks to our time with Alley and it has paid off BIG TIME."

Sharon Woodcock

Sharon Woodcock

Brand strategist + Storyteller | Screenplay Writer | Creative Thinker

"Alley Jean is a dream to work with. She created a beautiful logo design, colour palette, and style sheet for me this year, which captures my brand essence wonderfully. The logo design was hand-painted in watercolours, and has such unique expression and attention to detail. I cannot express enough how awesome it is to work with Alley Jean. She will look into the depths of who you are, and unravel your brand visuals and identity, leaving you spellbound."

Jennifer Jimbere

Jennifer Jimbere

Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

"Being excited about what we have co-created is an understatement. My brand and WordPress website is STUNNING and speaks directly to my ideal client. Taking it to the next level with the exceptionally talented Alley Jean was an easy decision. She is a brand storyteller with an eye for bringing your brand identity to light in a unique way. I've followed her work for over three years, basically in awe of what she creates, and I knew she would deliver. After five years of using the same site and logo, I am thrilled to share the new look and feel of Jimbere Coaching and Consulting!"

Tracy Griffiths

Tracy Griffiths


"I absolutely love the look and feel of my website and brand, it embodies so much of my energy! Alley has an incredible gift of creating beautiful designs that are aligned with her client's energy and vision. What I loved about our work together was her continual encouragement to Get More Visible! Whether it was through social media posts or videos, Alley always had a creative idea to bust me out of a visibility fear and provide inspiration and simple tips to get my voice out there into the world. While working through the web design, I felt I could really trust Alley and the process. She knew which elements worked well together and how to layout everything which relieved my unnecessary stress. The whole process was something I appreciate and look back on with the perspective of it being a labour of love that naturally unfolded. Thank You, Alley"

Constance Young

Constance Young

Owner of Lost River Naturals

"I felt drawn and reached out to her about redesigning my website, creating a logo for my business (I never had one!), and really creating a brand which I didn't fully understand before working with Alley. My logo is complete and I am IN LOVE with it! It's perfect for me and my business and I cannot wait to see the rest of my vision come to life! My website, www.lostrivernaturals.com is awesome! Alley is very professional but also personable and FUN. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone which is something I desperately needed! I highly recommend her services! She can do anything you can dream up and has such fresh, creative, ideas with Alley's artistic, visionary twist!"

Pixie Grace

Pixie Grace

Brand Messaging Expert

"Alley created the most incredible Logo and Branding for me. The work she did was truly top-notch and she was Magical to work with every step of the way. I knew right away that Alley was exactly who I wanted to work with and when I was finally ready to do my branding she was the first to know! She worked on my Logo until it was absolutely perfect. I'm so thrilled for the experience I've had working with Alley! Truly incredible."

Jennessa Sabella

Jennessa Sabella

Holistic Weight Coach

"My designs for my brand were beautiful and more than I could have ever expected! Alley delivered with intuitive wisdom and clarity to reflect exactly what I needed! Highly recommend this amazing lady!"

Pamela Vosseller

Pamela Vosseller

Mixed-Media Artist

"I was blessed to have had the opportunity to listen to Alley in her LIVE presentation to our group Gallery 1111 Pollinator Project. She struck a spark in me. I wasn’t being real with my followers. Her encouragement and belief in her keys to success gave me the courage to be honest, be real, be caring, and not just a marketing sound bite. Thank you Alley for reminding me that there is a joy in my art business and I need to share that."