5 Tips for Making Your First Livestream Successful


Livestreaming is an exciting new way for online business owners to share their personality and solutions online. But many things could go wrong during a live stream, so learn how to avoid those pitfalls and get started on your first Livestream.

Here are 5 tips for making your first live stream successful:

  1. Prepare Yourself

First, you need to physically center yourself and relieve the anxiety building around your first Livestream. To do this, get your body moving! Take a quick fifteen-minute walk before going LIVE. Your body will be much calmer than if you just jump into it. Anything to exert your physical body will allow your mind and nerves to relax better. 

Before you begin streaming, ensure you’re equipped with everything you need to succeed. This includes having a good microphone, camera, lighting, and other equipment. Also, ensure you have enough space to set up your gear. 

Still, this is even MORE important; making your first Livestream should be simple. You don’t need to make everything perfect, have the best equipment or be a pro. 

What I like to do, for example, is Stream from Facebook from my phone or desktop computer. Then, I decide on something to talk about that relates to my passions, and I simply do it. But, suppose you are afraid to create your first Livestream on your own. In that case, you can practice, refine, and elevate your Livestream in my Facebook groupVisibilityYOU. This is a great place to start simple and receive tons of support from other women in business globally. But don’t overprepare for your first Livestream; it will just make it scarier.  

2. Choose Your Topic

Choosing your topic is essential, but I don’t want you to overthink it. So, before you begin going through a massive list of all the things you could talk about, stop. Instead, think about what you are incredibly passionate about. Why did you start your business in the first place, and who do you help? What is the story of how this all came to fruition? This is your topic for your first Livestream. Remind the world who you are, what you do, and why you do it. 

Starting your Livestream journey with a story fueled by your dreams, skills, and plans is as enjoyable as it gets in the online world! Your audience will love it, and this doesn’t require you to think too hard. You are not teaching us anything. You are not selling us something; you are naturally telling us the story of the beginning of your business. Introduce yourself to the world this way. Do not concentrate on a sales strategy at the beginning of your Livestream adventure. 

To make your storytelling easier, grab some sticky notes with bullet points to keep you on track. Place the stickies in front of you for ease of reference. 

TIP: If you write too much commentary and it turns into a full-blown script, your Livestream will be stressful and feel less authentic. (We will be able to tell you are just reading a script.) This is why I prefer Post-It Notes for Livestreaming. 

3. Where To Livestream?

Choosing a social media space for Livestreaming is a critical decision. But I am going to make it easier for you to decide. First, let’s break down the vibe of each leading social network that allows Livestreaming tools. There are several more platforms I haven’t listed; however, these are the main ones that provide a business with the most visibility opportunity. 

  • Facebook has the backyard bbq vibe going. (Even for business!) You can come as you are and stay as long as you’d like to! There are no rules except being yourself. Facebook is where you can Livestream wild and free without anything holding you back! There is no time limit on live streaming in the Meta universe. Because of this, I find it to be a natural place to start.
  • Instagram is a visual messaging platform with a creative vibe. It reminds me of a magazine come to life! Whenever I Livestream on Insta, I receive super-charged algorithm results for starters. This platform has been around for a while, and people are ready to make more authentic connections here. Livestreaming does just that, and you have the opportunity to access over 1.440 billion users.
  • LinkedIn has a professional vibe! But, it is now adopting many connections and networking traits Facebook has had. This is like a professional BBQ party coming to life! (if there is such a thing!) It is no longer “the place where I put my resume and find a job.” It has relaxed over the years, and people (businesses, brands, gig workers, entrepreneurs, and potential employees) recognize the power of keeping it real all the time. And it also has Livestream capabilities. Suppose you want to collaborate with a big brand, commiserate with serious business people and refine your brand identity to look like a million bucks. In that case, this is the place to stretch your wings! 
  • Pinterest has a super high-level creative vibe that sets them apart from everyone else. It is used by professionals for research, people creating business brands, and many women looking to inspire their next project, style, how-to craft, recipe, and more. It is a visual database quickly becoming a frontrunner among the best social media places. Pinterest doesn’t allow everyone to Livestream, but I have a gut feeling they will look at adding this feature at some point. You can, however, upload videos or recordings of your Livestreams as an “Idea Pin.” If you want to tap into this monster social platform of primarily women, you would be surprised just how much visibility you can get here. Especially if you are creative, this is the place to be! Right now, there are over 252 million accounts with potential ad reach. Almost 80% of users are female. 
  • Youtube is the top space for anyone at any level of experience to start Livestreaming on Youtube. This is where influencers and YouTube sensations are born. You can be “discovered” here for just about anything. Teaching, learning, and inspiring are what people go there for. Create a channel, press the Livestream from whatever device you have, and you now own your YouTube channel. This is perfect for anyone serious about growing an audience and commanding a lead in their field of expertise. Start a Podcast on Youtube or begin a “How-To” channel. Share your knowledge! 
  • Tip: here is no mystery about beginning your brand growth on a social platform. You need only start experimenting with your posts and thinking about what you want to see as you learn a new social media space. But, of course, Livestreaming and video will always be the number one way to gain BIG results quickly! This is the tool to use for substantial influential possibilities. 

4. Your Outside Image

Considering how you look on the outside for your Livestream is something you shouldn’t overthink initially. Get out there and start practicing… you can refine everything as your confidence and brand evolve. But, as a woman, I understand this subject’s importance and sensitivity. I always tell my clients and students to do something every day that makes them feel beautiful inside and outside. When you practice self-care, it shows. Setting aside time each day to honor your body gives you the strength to do scary things, such as Livestreaming for the first time. If you have a brand, I encourage you to create a Pinterest inspiration board that reflects how you see yourself and your space in your dream scenario. This will fuel decisions on making your outside brand image for video and authentically connect with your brand identity. Little by little, add what you can to your style and space as you go. 

5. Your Mindset for Livestreaming

Everyone, even professional extroverts, and famous movie stars, are fearful of something when they are one second away from pressing that LIVE button. You are not alone in all those emotional and crazy feelings that bubble up when you start this adventure. The difference between you and anyone else in this world is not experience; it’s action. That is why they say “Action” in the movies. It is about starting with movement. Press the LIVE button and start telling us who you are and what you’re passionate about; this is an action. Physical movement causes momentum in your life. Thinking about something brilliant doesn’t create brilliance; action does. Anyone can Livestream. Give yourself permission to have fun and know that you will be growing in front of the world. I have seen the best of the best show vulnerability and insecurity or mess up on a LIVE. (it happens to everyone) You can do this! 


Alley Jean

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Author: Alley Jean | Feminine Brand Strategist, Designer, Developer & Artist

I always say, "Livestreaming is magic!" It brings wonderful people into your life and opportunities you have never dreamed of. It is visibility on a higher vibration and connects us all in a way that no other digital technology can create. I teach women to express themselves, their brands and online identity through Livestream tools. Is it time for you to connect authentically with your audience? Is it time to step up on your stage and share your brilliance with the world? I know it is!