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About Alley Jean

My mission is to support makers, artisans, holistic wellness professionals, life coaches, business coaches, entrepreneurs, and creators. My brand positioning process and digital strategy make running a brand and business fun and worthwhile. Aligning with your true self with your brand and being wild-hearted and free is part of the toolset and experience I provide to women across the globe.

I am a:

  • Brand Strategist

  • Creative Image Consultant

  • Web Designer

  • Logo Artist

  • Visibility Coach

  • Artist 

  • Social Media Marketing Strategist

    I specialize in:

    I have 22 years of professional creative experience. I have worked for companies like Rolling Stone and US Weekly magazines where I was first introduced to large-scale marketing and advertising campaigns that had a digital strategy. Now I work with women to achieve their goals. 

    I create with my clients a working butterfly effect. Together we develop an ultimate brand and bring it to life. The brand will go on to be seen and heard by a larger audience through our work. This is done through brand image positioning specific to your business and goals.

    By helping them fulfill their dreams, I am helping all the people they help. This is a beautiful energy that flows through both of us and into the world making it happier, healthier, and more beautiful. 

    Our working relationship turns into a friendship and I work with my clients as they grow and their needs change and evolve. If you are looking for a one-off project, I am not your lady.

    I love supporting my clients personal brands in ways that elevate their professionalism and capture their essence so the world gets to see them through the right words, the right visuals, and the right energy when they are out there representing themselves. 

    We work hard but have fun doing it. And, the results are epic! 


    Who are my clients?


    My clients live and work all over the world. Freedom, flow, self-love, growth mindset, flexibility, and walking their own path is how they embrace their empowerment. They are life and business coaches, holistic practitioners, creative marketing and sales experts, fine artists, accountants, real estate mavens, spiritual/intuitive/empathic guides, natural health and pain management doctors, yoga instructors, podcasters, and influencers in the making! They are a rainbow of multi-talented leaders who inspire and create on a daily basis.

    Personal branding is what I specialize in when it comes down to it. If you are a woman looking to connect with the world in a meaningful way and you are not a corporation, then you are your brand. This is why I focused my own brand identity on my name, Alley Jean. People work with people. I take a meaningful approach to all the brand strategies I create individually for my clients.

    Each identity is unique and requires special attention and stellar creativity to fit them into a custom brand identity, campaign, and digital strategy that is natural and personal so they attract their ideal customers like bees to honey! I am a big fan of my client’s work and am grateful for each and every one of them.

    Women Empowering Women. Some of these ladies will be giving their secrets, stories, inspirations, and high-vibes away as a gift to the world by being a part of the annual Women Empowering Women Business eSummit. This is a virtual LIVE event you don’t want to miss. Learn more about it by clicking HERE.


    What people say it’s like working with Alley Jean!


    Let’s chat…

    If you are feeling the need to do something special for your brand and want to do it with someone who cares as much as you do about your business, schedule a meeting. Learn more in our discovery session about how I can take your brand and business online to the next level.


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