Hi! I'm Alley Jean

“Entrepreneurs rely upon me to balance beauty & sales.”

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My Style & Philosophy

There is a romantic way that traditional graphic art began and produced advertising in the 20th Century. They used artisan supplies like oil and colored pencils, pens, markers, and paper to create layers. They screen printed, and Xerox copied their way to ideas that marveled us all. Sure the Apple computer came out in 1984, and the digital age of the modern graphic designer started to emerge, but it took a while! 

I was born at a time to experience and appreciate the techniques and styles of the designers from the ’80s and ’90s. I still use ink and brushes, glue, paints, and sketchbooks to push the boundaries of my clients’ ideas. I have deep respect for the visual masters from then. They gave me foundational skills that I am forever grateful for. I weave the graphic art techniques of the 20th and 21st Centuries together in my process. Through my imagination and 20+ years of professional design experience, my process produces unique outside-of-the-box ideas and visual voices to brands globally.

My creative story began at the very beginning…

My story as a creative designer began with my adoration for colors. Like all kids, I loved my crayons. I had a little box of the standard eight.

Coloring was my world.

However, I saw colors in the world that weren’t in my box of crayons. Then I received the box of 64 Different Brilliant Colors by Crayola. I was in awe. Five different greens! Thirteen shades of blue! Colors I had never even seen before! I could finally get the exact color of Garfield the cat. I treated that box like a holy grail.

When I started school, my sister and I would go to Latch Key (an after-school daycare program). There I found their box of 64 Crayola crayons. The top of the box was torn and ripped. You couldn’t even flip it closed. The crayons were all out of order. Some were naked without covers, and others were missing. Some snapped in half. Some crayons had teeth marks. Worst of all, a crayon had broken off in the special sharpener on the backside! This box must have gone through an apocalypse. I appreciated my crayons even more.


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My granny would pick us up from Latchkey and take us to my mother’s work. We would hang out there for the last half hour of her day. She was the head secretary at an advertising and marketing company. It was there where I came to understand the power of branding and design. They designed for big brands that wanted their brand exposed to more people.

One day I was intently watching an employee named Jack using colored pencils on a hand-drawn logo. I noticed a crystal pyramid on his desk and asked what it was for. (who can resist a crystal pyramid?!) He put down his work and picked up the pyramid.

“This is a prism,” he said. “You see, color isn’t just crayons, pencils, and paints. Color is wavelengths and frequencies.” He walked over to the window, closed the shade then allowed sunlight through a small slit. He held the prism in the light. There, on the wall was a spectrum. The most beautiful colors I had ever seen! He turned sunlight into a band of colors. Whoa. My mom was working with color wizards. He opened the shade and went back to his work.

I asked him.” Do you make money to color?”

He laughed and answered, “Yes, and graphic design.”

I was all in.

Branding is Energy

I believe branding should encapsulate the soul & beauty of who you truly are, to create a powerful vibe that attracts your best clients.

I create unique designs that invite intrigue, attraction, and power organic online marketing strategies.

Every entrepreneur has signature energy that vibrates through their brand. It’s unique and evolves. The rules for a brand identity for an entrepreneur are not the same as a big brand. You can’t learn it by getting a degree or reading a book. You have to take inspired action and DO.

Your branding should encapsulate the soul and beauty of who you are and have a meaningful strategy that creates a powerful vibe that attracts your best clients.

Use a creative and nurturing touch that gives it the elevation it deserves. Balancing beauty and marketing through color psychology, typography, brand voice, and visuals are key. Invite intrigue and attraction through original designs.

Branding is Freedom!

I believe that as entrepreneurs, we should never be afraid to make brave pivots and leaps. We should shine in the face of the unknown. That’s why I decided to focus on helping entrepreneurs with their online visibility! Mindset, Brand Message, Visual Voice, and Presence embraces and reflects your individuality.

Brand freedom is running a business and brand identity using foundational elements and philosophies but creating them in a way that is natural and unique to YOU. 

Brand Freedom is possible for you.

Expanding your reach with your audience, stepping onto new social platforms and stages requires growth and creative ideas. For people like us, we are excited by the idea of doing new things! This is what makes our brands brave and how we get SEEN in the world today.

Never be afraid to make brave pivots and leaps to see our brands and ideas grow too! Shine in the face of the unknown, and let your brand reflect fearlessness.

Let’s create a brand that makes you excited to get up every day and put your life into it.

Color is Emotion

I believe color evokes emotions within us, that only our subconscious is aware of, which in turn affects the actions we take or the decisions we make. 

That’s why I use Color Psychology in everything I do, and in Sales page creation, where imagery and emotions are key to buying decisions…

Did you know the human eye can differentiate between more shades of green than any other color in the spectrum?

When you create a Brand Color Palette, the colors you choose speak volumes before your potential customer even reads what you have to offer them! 

For instance, the color of a button on your Sales Page could be the deciding factor if your website visitor clicks it or, worse, doesn’t! Color can be primal, cultural, learned, personal, and even evoke us to take actions only our subconscious is aware of.

Color Psychology and its beauty are everything.