55 Big Brand Names Who Use WordPress

Big brand names who use WordPress as their choice platform know the benefits and attraction this website space has for their brand. WordPress allows for a powerful SEO business strategy for your website. In addition, WordPress is incredible for building a trusting reputation with Google search and social media. 

WordPress is easy to use, secure, and free. I’m not saying you should become a website designer. Far from! I’m suggesting you create and manage your brand through a website that looks, feels, and acts like nothing that’s out there. Someone serious about their business’s future should build an expandable foundation. Because you deserve to share your brand and identity in a unique way that separates you from the pack. 

These brands go with WordPress; it’s the only platform I have used since 2009. 

So many other platforms like Shopify are marketed to sound easier, especially to entrepreneurs and small business professionals. But they’re expensive (WordPress is free) and not very flexible or visible online. They can be a great starting point but not a lasting website and online identity plan.

Here is a list of awesome sites that use WordPress!

  1. James Bond 007
  2. The Rolling Stones
  3. TED Blog
  4. Usain Bolt | the Greatest sprinter of all time. 
  5. CNN
  6. Sony PlayStation Blog
  7. TechCrunch (This leads to some pretty interesting AI news)
  8. Time Magazine
  9. Metro UK
  10. Etsy 
  11. Yelp Blog
  12. Sylvester Stallone
  13. Wired Magazine
  14. Lollapalooza! (The first festival I snuck away to in 1995! Sorry, mom! Lol!)
  15. Katy Perry
  16. The City University of New York
  17. Vogue Italy
  18. Disney Books
  19. Reader Digest
  20. Yoast 
  21. Elegant Themes (the only framework I use because it is so easy and beautiful to implement for my customers and me.)
  22. Angry Birds!
  23. Hachette Book Group
  24. Variety 
  25. NASA 
  26. BBC America
  27. Home Depot
  28. The Houston Texas Zoo
  29. Toyota Brazil
  30. Sweden
  31. Bloomberg 
  32. Canada
  33. The White House
  34. Roberto Coin Jewelry 
  35. Printyo Australia 
  36. MTV News
  37. Rafael Nadal
  38. Facebook News Room
  39. Martha Stewart 
  40. Flickr 
  41. Star Wars Blog
  42. Creative Commons foundation
  43. International Gem Society
  44. University of Michigan 
  45. Apple
  46. Forbes (This leads to the entrepreneur section.)
  47. National Geographic 
  48. BMW
  49. Mercedes Benz
  50. Microsoft
  51. Lexus
  52. Porsche
  53. Google
  54. Tortuga Travel Backpacks 
  55. Snoop Dogg

If you see your brand expanding in the future, platforms like Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, hosting templates from GoDaddy, and supposed all-in-one solutions such as Kajabi will not be scaleable at certain levels.

Why do you think these top brands use WordPress when they all have million-dollar budgets? 

And NO, your social media profiles never replace your website… ever. When someone wants to invest thousands of dollars in your services or products, they don’t do it because you show off only one impressive Instagram profile. Working just off one platform you don’t even own and operate is naive. The truth is a social media platform is a company that can close its doors at any time without notice. Your brand, branding, and brand identity are a mix of many facets of a successful brand. Your website is your central hub and is all organized and alive within your website. 

Your website is part of your brand identity. A website is your brand’s universe to express yourself and appreciate your customer. A website is an experience with intrigue, play, and solutions for your customers. A website is the soul space that organizes and encompasses everything online in one spot too!

WordPress isn’t just for big brands. But if the head honchos of the world are using it, doesn’t it say something?

Hi, I’m Alley Jean, and I help creatives, coaches, and healers turn their purpose into a strategy. My passion is bringing a big vision to life! The love and individual attention I give each client is exclusive and purposeful. I don’t use templates or blueprints; every identity I create for my clients is expandable, creative, and one-of-a-kind.

Are you interested in exploring your next-level brand and identity? What are you waiting for?! Start the conversation with me and book your brand consultation today. 

Author: Alley Jean | Brand Strategist, Web Designer & SEO for Women in Business

The cultural history of branding, design, storytelling, and art is important to me because it is the foundation of inspiration I take to build authentic brand identities for women in business today.

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