Brand vs. Branding vs. Brand Identity

Brand vs. Branding vs. Brand Identity! Learn the difference between a brand, branding, and brand identity. Think about how you can take more control and creative approaches, so you stand out using all three for your business!


Your brand is the perception and meaning people have when they think about you and your business. Visuals and the overall feel of content decide your brand. If you’re not in charge of your brand message and strategy, the world will determine what your brand is for you. 

However, you can craft your brand through your identity and branding for more control. More about this in a moment.

Your brand is where you clarify who you are and why you do what you do. A brand delivers an authentic point of view and shares a story your customer sees and hears because they relate to it deeply. 

Your brand is about you and your customer. It’s your “why.” However, a brand can also be highly electric; you can take a stand on a topic to disrupt the norm in your industry. 


Your branding is what brings you and your business into existence. It brings the brand to life. It makes it alive! Branding expresses the personality, individualism, and eccentricities that set you apart from others. 

Branding drives your marketing initiative and connects with amazing customers who relate to you. It’s an emotional and psychological connection. 

Branding is the persona and soul aspect of your business. It’s the voice of your brand. This action is where you develop and communicate shared values, meaning, and brand messaging. 

When evaluating brands, people rely more on emotion and experience than logic and facts. A human condition we all share. Your branding is the energy that magnetizes you to your dreamiest clients or customers. 

Brand Identity

A brand identity is all the content created that people see and come in contact with visually. 

  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Copywriting
  • Website
  • Graphics
  • Video’s
  • Blogs
  • Audio clips
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
  • Interviews
  • Emojis and gifs you use in posts or comments on social media

A consistent visual strategy is vital for a memorable brand. Your identity is tied closely to your branding. 

How can you create a graphic or weave the right words together without deeply understanding your branding? 

How can your branding stand out and get seen without a compelling and creative brand identity? 

How can you achieve a memorable and connecting brand without a clear brand identity and branding? 

All are united to drive powerfully unique marketing and sales initiatives. By fusing these three facets of a business, you begin the transformation of a hobby into something serious.

Author: Alley Jean | Brand Strategist, Web Designer & SEO for Women in Business

The cultural history of branding, design, storytelling, and art is important to me because it is the foundation of inspiration I take to build authentic brand identities for women in business today.

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