Branding For Women

In Business

Do you believe in yourself and your ideas but feel invisible?

Do you have a brand that brings energy and confidence?

Do you need a strategy for social media?

When I started my full-time branding for women in business back in 2015 I believed I had the experience, qualifications, and mindset to be successful within a year.

It was an exciting time and energy was high. I figured my business would start taking off in a few months. I logged online, launched some posts and social media profiles, and waited for all my customers to flood my inbox and phone line.


But, all I heard were crickets… 

Yep, not much happened. 

There were sales, but not enough, and it felt hard. 

I was surprised and felt like a failure.

I quickly became overwhelmed by all the choices and ever-changing technology options out there. 

I was flying from one idea to the next and doing it all alone. It wasn’t ideal and not a sustainable way to live or work long-term. 

Maybe you’re just starting out or you’ve been on your own journey for a while and can relate?

All I know… it wasn’t what I expected.

sexy bitch at the watercooler

If I could go back there are many, many things I would do differently. I should have sought-out support from other women in business for instance. 

I thought I had what it took to do it all by myself. And technically I do. Theoretically, I do.  But physically, spiritually, and emotionally… I couldn’t. 

No matter how ambitious you are, it catches up to you fast. There’s a lot involved and it’s hard to accomplish it all and have a personal life. 

Is it a woman thing to want to do it all, be it all, and act like we are totally fine? Yes. This mindset almost ended my business and career freedom many times in the first few years. We just think we can and so we try.  

And, just when you think you’ve got it right, and you can finally breathe….You burn out.

The technology or business strategies change on you. You’re back to hustling and trying to make it all work again. You must recognize this isn’t a healthy way to run a business. 

When you are “all in” on the entrepreneur’s online global life, things will not go as planned. You need to have a professional support system to help you through the problems. 

I want to help you save time and achieve your goals. 

The creativity involved in a thriving business and brand is a top priority. It’s the only way you’ll stand out. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website is the other top priority to make it work.


What you need:

  • A logo and color palette that represents the essence and energy of who you are as a personal brand that attracts your ideal client or customer
  • Having an organic and paid digital strategy
  • A great visual brand to make you memorable
  • An authentic brand image and identity your audience can relate to and understand clearly
  • A smart and beautiful website with professional SEO
  • Specific offers and/or products with a pricing strategy
  • A business tech system that you like
  • An overarching brand message to capture attention
  • Professional copy and keyword research you use all the time for posts, emails, and website content 
  • A visual vibe that will create the confidence and success you need

Hi. I’m Alley Jean and I help women entrepreneurs craft unique and creative brand image strategies, web design, and SEO.


Stop putting your life and business together in a hodgepodge, piece by piece version that you think will work.


Build the foundation of your idea from the ground up. Bring your vision to life without sacrificing all your time and energy into everything and concentrate on the actual service or product you want to sell.


This is what I do for my clients. I can do it for you. We work hard in the beginning but it’s worth it. You’ll save years of frustration.


Creativity. Imagination. Strategy. Freedom.
It’s all possible.


Book a discovery call to launch your next big idea or refresh a tired brand. I have over 22 years of creative business and marketing experience.


Your digital brand strategy and visibility can be unique and easy to share with the world.


Creative strategies for new brand and brand makeovers

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Hear from my happy & confident clients!

Jennifer Jimbere

Jennifer Jimbere

Productivity & Profitability Coach for Business Leaders

"Being excited about what we have co-created is an understatement. My brand and WordPress website is STUNNING and speaks directly to my ideal client. Taking it to the next level with the exceptionally talented Alley Jean was an easy decision. She is a brand storyteller with an eye for bringing your brand identity to light in a unique way. I've followed her work for over three years, basically in awe of what she creates, and I knew she would deliver. After five years of using the same site and logo, I am thrilled to share the new look and feel of Jimbere Coaching and Consulting!"

Dr. Brenda J. King

Dr. Brenda J. King

Intuition Coach, Author & Therapist

"Alley Jean really dives in to understand her clients and she makes the process fun! The projects I’ve completed with her have been amazing! They really capture the essence of what I was working on. I look forward to collaborating with her on future projects. I love the breadth and depth of her skills, which help me highlight and promote my skills and offerings. She is creative, innovative, and effective! I love working with her and all the magic the brings to what she does!"

Carol Dockum

Carol Dockum

Owner of Beautiful Faces Going Places | Online Chamber of Commerce for Women in Business

"Alley Jean is an amazing Marketing, Brand, and Visibility Strategist. Her creativity, design, and website deliverables are off the charts!"

Dominique Dances

Dominique Dances

Owner of Dominique Dances Yoga Studio Ann Arbor, Mi

"About my branding experience with Alley Jean and her Facebook group, VisibilityYOU Live-streaming for Business: “Alley Jean gave me a visual brand that completely supports who I am and what I am trying to do. I have a website that is up to date and reflective of what I do…all that I find is most important in what I do. It’s like having a completely new start. I am also a member of her free group, VisibilityYOU. Everything that the whole community and Alley Jean brought to me this year, its so much I don’t know where to begin. I would have never been able to get online and show myself without inhibitions before this."

Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee

TV Show Host & Visibility Coach for Video & Purpose

Alley Jean is a visual design genius! She sees things others do not about who you are and how you can express yourself & represent your brand. Working with her through her Designer Masterclass has awakened my creativity and advanced my skillset to a new level. She is fun, honest, and brilliant🌟at her craft!

Constance Young

Constance Young

Owner of Lost River Naturals

"I adore working alongside Alley Jean. She is my GO-TO when I need something done right and in a professional, yet personal way. My first project with her was a logo design. She really got inside my head to really 'feel' what I wanted. I've never had someone take such care and consideration into a business project. She has the same love and care for my web design and SEO. I was blown away by her beautiful, unique work. She is an artist in every sense of the word! Now, a few years have passed and I've decided to tweak my brand quite a bit, so of course, I went with Alley Jean! She designed a new logo for me and labels for each of my products as well as refreshed my whole website with a whole new color palette, look and feel. I am still just as impressed, if not more so, with her attention to little details and beautiful design. If you want your brand to really stand out from the rest, do yourself a favor and book an appointment with her now!"

Beth Brown

Beth Brown

Shine Social Co.

"I've been seeing Alley Jean's graphics pop up in my feed and they ALWAYS stop my scroll. Alley is that rare combo of artistic talent and analytic SEO intellectual all rolled into one big ball of amazingness. She's not afraid to stand out and in doing so, helps you stand out to really make a statement according to your purpose and voice. If you are looking for a beautiful, outstanding, & impressive website with the SEO to be found OR you need phenomenal branding, Alley Jean is who you need to hire."

Jeana & Jared

Jeana & Jared

Owners of the Fox & Stone

"Working with Alley Jean was one of the best decisions we have ever made for our business. The process she uses is very intuitive. The way she approaches creating a brand helped us clearly define not only who we are and what we wanted our brand to look like, but also helped us hone exactly who we want to be.

Building a brand with her was like taking an in-depth course in what branding should evoke, what it should inspire, who we want to be evoking and inspiring, and then teaching us how to use that branding to attract those people.

When all was said and done, Jared and I both felt a deeper connection to our business, each other, and the customers we love working with. In terms of monetary gain, having a solid brand that we can confidently share with the world increased our profits and enabled us to really start pursuing our dreams of building our custom design studio. We made a dynamic shift in what the way we do business means thanks to our time with Alley and it has paid off BIG TIME."

Linda Johnson

Linda Johnson

Transformational Coach for Women

"Alley Jean is fun to co-create with and is attentive to your needs. She makes it playful and enjoyable to toss around ideas to fruition on your behalf. She is knowledgeable, a good listener, invested in you as a client, and can see potential even if you are a bit foggy at times as a budding or long-term Entrepreneur. I enjoyed creating Pinterest boards and also the psychological aspects of color and teasing myself out of that energy to reality with her assistance."

Linda & Diane

Linda & Diane

Owners & Artisans of Inspired Things Studio

"We've recently had the privilege of working with Alley on our branding and website refresh and I have to say she is so knowledgable about every aspect of branding, messaging, color, and more! The process has been really interesting and she digs deep, asking the most important questions, to get to the heart of your business, brand, and personality. If you need any work on branding, messaging, website, or a refresh on all, you MUST talk with Alley!"

Sharon Woodcock

Sharon Woodcock

Brand strategist + Storyteller | Screenplay Writer | Creative Thinker

"Alley Jean is a dream to work with. She created a beautiful logo design, colour palette, and style sheet for me this year, which captures my brand essence wonderfully. The logo design was hand-painted in watercolours, and has such unique expression and attention to detail. I cannot express enough how awesome it is to work with Alley Jean. She will look into the depths of who you are, and unravel your brand visuals and identity, leaving you spellbound."

Tracy Griffiths

Tracy Griffiths


"I absolutely love the look and feel of my website and brand, it embodies so much of my energy! Alley has an incredible gift of creating beautiful designs that are aligned with her client's energy and vision. What I loved about our work together was her continual encouragement to Get More Visible!

Whether it was through social media posts or videos, Alley always had a creative idea to bust me out of a visibility fear and provide inspiration and simple tips to get my voice out there into the world. While working through the web design, I felt I could really trust Alley and the process. She knew which elements worked well together and how to layout everything which relieved my unnecessary stress.

The whole process was something I appreciate and look back on with the perspective of it being a labour of love that naturally unfolded. Thank You, Alley"

Pixie Grace

Pixie Grace

Brand Messaging Expert

"Alley created the most incredible Logo and Branding for me. The work she did was truly top-notch and she was Magical to work with every step of the way. I knew right away that Alley was exactly who I wanted to work with and when I was finally ready to do my branding she was the first to know! She worked on my Logo until it was absolutely perfect. I'm so thrilled for the experience I've had working with Alley! Truly incredible."

Jennessa Sabella

Jennessa Sabella

Holistic Weight Coach

"My designs for my brand were beautiful and more than I could have ever expected! Alley delivered with intuitive wisdom and clarity to reflect exactly what I needed! Highly recommend this amazing lady!"

Pamela Vosseller

Pamela Vosseller

Mixed-Media Artist

"I was blessed to have had the opportunity to listen to Alley in her LIVE presentation to our group Gallery 1111 Pollinator Project. She struck a spark in me. I wasn’t being real with my followers. Her encouragement and belief in her keys to success gave me the courage to be honest, be real, be caring, and not just a marketing sound bite. Thank you Alley for reminding me that there is a joy in my art business and I need to share that."