First of all, BYB stands for Brand YOU Beautiful! Brand YOU Beautiful means branding for people who want to reflect the best parts of themselves on the inside and the outside for the world to see!

Inside this group you are going to find women from every place on earth who all have unique perspectives, creativity, and a mission to live, breath, and share their passion.

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Hear from past students/members/clients of past courses and challenges I have run

Jasmine Rae

Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Happiness/Success Mindset Coach & a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

Jasmine has not only taken my visibility course but she also was a mentor and speaker as well. Jasmine brings joy and a wave of energy and wisdom to everything she does even when it is the first time. Beginning at square one with a brand and desire to be more visible to being featured as a guest on NPR’s “Well Woman Show” by Giovanna Rossi, (featured in Forbes), as well as on the “3 Day WorkWeek Podcast” by host Cailen Ascher, an International business coach and founder of the ‘Success Made Simple’ method. 

Devon Rae Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT,

Mentor + Spiritual Guide + Writer + Intuitive + Catalyst

Devon took one of my visibility courses and has been a client of mine as well. Click the Facebook link to join her group and learn more about how she supports women all over the world in her Facebook group, Activating The Sensitive Soul.

Susan Gala,

Wise Womb Keeper & Women's Empowerment Coach

Susan was a member of one of my brand courses and always brings so much great energy to everyone she comes into contact with! She helps women discover the healing power of their wombs. 

Julie Messier Brigante

Certified Health & Wellness Coach | Reiki Practitioner

Julie is a long-time Early Educator and Wellness Coach. She has spent over 33 years cultivating the minds and lives of young children. During this journey, she learned that the teachers and parents need as much if not more support than her students. She is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Reiki Practitioner. Julie took one of my many visibility courses in the past and brought a beautiful energy to our group. 

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