Coco Chanel’s Logo

Welcome back everyone, I am Alley Jean and this is my dog, Kingsley. Sorry, it has been a couple months since our last adventure. I had to do some updates on our time machine and it’s running better than ever. So today we are setting the time machine controls for France 1906 to experience Coco Chanel’s logo inspiration. (Sound of time machine blasting off!)

So here we are in Nice, France, at the construction of the Castle Château de Crémat in 1906. Antoine Mari, a wine merchant, is having the Castle built on land that was used for the cultivation of olive trees and vineyards that goes back to the Roman Empire. The Romans built these underground galleries that were used for oil and wine. These lavish galleries will become the Castle cellars. 

Kingsley and I leave the time machine and venture across many rolling hills to reach our destination. The Castle is an inspired medieval design with magnificent tower parapets and ornamental rococo. 

Kingsley starts running ahead of me as we encounter the final stages of this Castle being worked on. He zooms past the workers and runs through the open front door. I can barely catch up. The workers pay little attention to us as they go about their work. They believe we belong.

As I enter the Castle to find Kingsley I am awestruck by the stained glass window art. That is why we are here. On the Castle windows, among all the intricate colors and designs are two interlacing letters “C’s” which will go on to be one of the most famous logos in history. CHANEL.

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These are the very same stained glass windows that inspired Coco Chanel to develop and launch her logo in 1925. Chanel revolutionized women’s wear and built a feminine empire. 

Coco Chanel’s Logo

Chanel logo meaning

The iconic Chanel symbol and logo capture unity, luxury, and perfection through two interlocking “C’s”. As you stare at the logo you begin to see how the “C’s” form an overall oval shape. This shape represents eternity. The oval is also seen as an eye and stands for the brand’s vision. The stark contrast of black and white gives the logo an elegant look and feel.  A typographer created the font for Chanel by using Coco Chanel’s own handwriting. Her use of the symbol created an acronym that became a personal expression. It completed her brand

The iconic logo captures unity, luxury, and perfection through two interlocking “C’s”.

-Alley Jean

I climb the stairs and look upon the countryside from the highest view.

Stunning. I see Antoine Mari’s beautiful teacup roses shining in the sun.

The roses would someday be world-famous. Kingsley and I go through the entire Castle. The place is beyond description. Love it! As we finally exit an older burly man with a white mustache is waving us over calling out in French. We walk over to where he is working on a small pad of concrete that will hold a flag pole. I tell him I speak only English. He hastily motions to imprint my hand into the cement. I kneel down and put my hand into the concrete. It feels like wet peanut butter. He gives me a towel and smiles. I point to my dog and then the concrete. He nods yes. I take Kingsley’s right paw and press it down next to my handprint. I wipe off his paw and stare at our impressions. Crazy cool

We take our time walking through the young vineyard. It was there that outstepped the cutest female gold poodle I ever saw. It was as if Cupid shot Kingsley with an arrow. I literally saw hearts in his eyes. Then in an instant, they ran off out of sight. I called out for him over and over and feared I may never see him again. I laid down on a hillside and waited and waited…..then fell asleep.

I was awakened by a Kingsley bark and I was so happy he returned I couldn’t be mad. I gave him a bear hug! There, by his side, was his new mate. She followed us back to the time machine where Kingsley and I argued about taking her back. Me saying, “No, No!” while he aggressively barked in defense. Love is powerful. So off into the future the three of us went. Unlike Lady and the Tramp just kissing while eating a noodle… she and Kingsley started having doodles. What?!!! Yep! Nine weeks later the two of them multiplied like gremlins.

May I introduce Riley, Lily, Bear, Jojo, and FuFu. 


golden doodle puppies

Join me next week for another Alley Jean’s Brand Time Machine travel!

Signing off,

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