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Alley Jean is a brand identity expert, web designer, and online business coach with over 20+ years of experience in marketing, advertising, and design. She creates high-end brands and loves to strategize her client's success visually and energetically. Book a call to learn more!

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Branding is Energy

I believe every entrepreneur has a signature energy that vibrates and soars through their brand! It’s unique and evolves. Your brand never stays the same, just like you do not. The rules for a brand identity for an entrepreneur are not the same as a big brand. You can’t learn it by getting a degree or reading a book. I’d love to help guide and grow your website and visual voice!

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I love using Pinterest for business marketing, inspiration, and client workshops. I am a visual person and this is the perfect place to see what I create.



Facebook is my first love and where I spend a lot of time with my business partner, Sharon Woodcock, and our thriving community, Fall Into Flow. This is where I let my hair down and feel comfortable being myself the most. I would love to connect with you here.



Instagram is my fun and new adventure where I talk about what Brand Freedom is and hold monthly classes on IG TV about color psychology, creativity in business, your visual voice, and how to add beauty and intelligence to your identity online. 

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Linkedin is my professional playground where I love networking with entrepreneurs all over the world! I am the creative flair that wakes up the algorithms over there! Let’s connect on LinkedIn.