Be Fearlessly YOU!

Be fearlessly YOU with 10-Weeks of Live-streaming, video, and audio work that will put you in charge of your online visibility like a boss queen! Change your business and change your life. Don’t let fear rule your level of success. Learn to use it to your advantage.

I’m Alley Jean and I run VisibilityYOU.

I am here to tell you that if you want to take your business to the next level, you must show up in a very real way. There is something inside of you right now that knows I am right. This Bootcamp is going to inspire the experienced entrepreneur, and nurture the newbies. It is for every woman who is ready to take her personal brand identity to a new stage. This is the place for you if you are done with complicated strategies, too much technology, too many subscriptions, and not a big enough audience! I’ve been teaching this naturally my entire life. VisibilityYOU has been running since I became a Beta-Tester for the Facebook LIVE tool in 2016. I want you to be fearlessly YOU and mega-successful in 2022!

Stubborn on vision,

flexible on details.

Your vision is important and I believe everyone was put here to do something special with what they have been given. Your gifts and skills were never meant to be hidden away.

When you are done with this 10-week Bootcamp you will have a plan and vision in place that exceeds your expectations! You will be seen, listened to, followed, and up-leveled in your brand identity and business. You will be happy to finally be on the other side of fear when it comes to Livestreaming, video, and audio on social media.

November 1st, 2021

We begin Monday, November 1st inside of our Facebook group to get comfy, network, and start taking action. Here is our schedule that leads us into 2022.

✨Week 1: Mindset

We will work on our ideal client for full attraction marketing strategies. You will learn my secrets of how to find your ideal customers online. There will be focus on keeping business and technology simple. Live-streaming on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. Creating a core message and updating our profiles while opening new ones up. Friday office hours for private strategy sessions. 

✨Week 2: Storytelling

Facebook stories. Instagram stories and Pinterest Ideas pins! Learn to do this with integrity, fast and simple. Stop getting in your head and in your own way. Friday office hours for private strategy sessions. 

✨Week 3: Voice

Networking and audio on Clubhouse! Love your voice again or for the first time. Embrace your natural speaking voice. Private Clubhouse room for being a voice and leaving your visuals at the door. We will begin doing this every week together on Fridays at 10:00 am Eastern with nominated speakers to lead the group. Friday office hours for private strategy sessions. 

✨Week 4: Sell

Learn how I sell without being salesy! Sell on social LIVE with a scheduled FB LIVE Event. We show up and support you and share your world with our audience. Women supporting women in business. Be in charge of your numbers and create buzz and income this week! Friday office hours for private strategy sessions. 

✨Week 5: Pre-recorded

Learn to create videos of you, screen shares, and ads using pre-recorded video all week. This is done with the least amount of bells & whistles possible. My course is about getting stuff done and out fast and showcasing you in your most naturally beautiful state. Friday office hours for private strategy sessions. 

✨Week 6: Shorts

Create short videos under 1 minute that get thousands of views using stories, reels, ideas, and TikTok. Educate your audience in a new way that the algorithm loves. Friday office hours for private strategy sessions. 

✨Week 7: Shorts 2

Add some simple bells & whistles to your shorts and become a pro at getting video stuff done quick while growing your audience. Friday office hours for private strategy sessions. 

✨Week 8: Possibilily

Build upon your core brand message and create a plan using my template of your 2022 vision, plan, and strategy. Continue experimenting with everything we have learned. Get rid of what is not working and do more of what is. Friday office hours for private strategy sessions. 

✨Week 9: Leadership

We meet and discuss your guest speaker spot at next week’s 2022 Women Empowering Women Business Online Summit. We solidify your visibility strategy and vision for next year together.

✨Week 10: Guest speaker

Promoting our online Women Empowering Women Online Business Summit with your keynote speech on your zone of genius! You will be seen by thousands of people, network with tons of women, and shared all over social media. It is going to be united and confident energy to kick off the New Year. I can’t wait! You must complete the course to receive this opportunity.


❤️‍🔥 Grow your audience and your heart.

The VisibilityYOU Mantra

“I embrace my natural beauty and am empowered to share my purpose and gifts with the world open-heartedly. I feel fear and question the unknown but move forward anyways. The women in this circle support me as I support them. Everything I do is done with courage and simplicity. I move quickly and thoughtfully solving problems with ease and grace. Every single day I rise higher than the one before. Love flows through me.” 

Be fearlessly YOU in 2022!

Join a circle of businesswomen for a social media experience that will change everything. We focus on video, Livestreaming, and audio. You get seen everywhere. We embrace our inner beauty to climb to the next level of our business and purpose. We shine!

What you learn:

• Livestreaming strategy that is for you and gets you going again or for the first time on any social platform 

• Experiment with your actual voice and brand messaging so your audience knows what you’re all about. 

• Create Stories, Instagram Lives, Facebook lives, Pinterest stories and even join an exclusive Clubhouse where we go live with our voice on topics I choose 

• How to keep video, audio, and your brand storytelling content strategy super simple and easy to understand for you and your audience

What you get from me:

• My full attention Monday through Friday in our group, by direct message and through email 

• Over 20 years of advertising, design, and marketing experience at your fingertips

• Friday open office hours; you’ll be able to make an appointment with me privately on Zoom 

Alley Jean

Brand Strategist | ePublisher
Visibility Coach | Designer

VisibilityYOU Online Business Bootcamp Starts Monday Nov. 1st, 2021








Claim your space and choose to be seen in a whole new way!

October 17th – 23rd grab your space for $197! Normally $397 for all ten weeks plus your free admittance to the Women Empowering Women Summit in 2022!

Hear from past students…

Jasmine Rae

Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Happiness/Success Mindset Coach & a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

Jasmine has not only taken my visibility course but she also was a mentor and speaker as well. Jasmine brings joy and a wave of energy and wisdom to everything she does even when it is the first time. Beginning at square one with a brand and desire to be more visible to being featured as a guest on NPR’s “Well Woman Show” by Giovanna Rossi, (featured in Forbes), as well as on the “3 Day WorkWeek Podcast” by host Cailen Ascher, an International business coach and founder of the ‘Success Made Simple’ method. 

Tammy Scarlett

V.P. of Mortgage Lending | The Joel Schaub Team at Guaranteed Rate

I was a part of Alley Jean’s VisibilityYou group several years back.  At the time I had a successful coaching business but I couldn’t scale because I was terrified of putting myself out there on Facebook, or anywhere for that matter.  I mean like paralyzed with fear.  Couldn’t record myself, and sure couldn’t publish or post it.  

VisibilityYOU was immeasurably helpful, healthily pushing me beyond my comfort zone, creating space for testing out my voice and presence, and hosting a community that offers bountiful encouragement and helpful feedback. 

Fast forward a few years… 

✨I started a group called RISE for Women in Real Estate where I posted live segments and answered Q&A’s on live Zoom calls and FB lives (this was 2018, pre-pandemic)

✨I started speaking at Women’s Empowerment events all over the greater Chicago area, Seattle, virtually, and even in Maui! 🏝☀️ 

✨I was invited to co-host the WGN Market Overdrive show, which I did for about a year before the pandemic put a pause on it  

✨And most recently, I was invited to emcee the World Peace Day Global Broadcast (you can watch the Full Broadcast at  I am over the moon about this opportunity!  And I let Alley know, I think of VisibilityYou every time I get one of these opportunities.  Because it’s contagious.  You put yourself out there and it’s awkward until it’s not.  I’m living proof you sure don’t have to be perfect, or skinny (lol…. I did the radio show a week before I had my baby and I was basically a water-logged walrus), or always say the right thing.  But just being PRESENT with people, and showing up in your authentic self…. I think that’s what they crave the most.  Maybe just like our real relationships in life.  Maybe our audience is like a relationship we can learn how to be present with and for in the healthiest and most beneficial way for us both. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Still learning! And having fun doing it. 😉

A BIG THANK YOU to Alley Jean for launching this group, for letting me be a part of it, and for the space you’re already creating for yourself and all of us just by listening to the universe on this one.  ✨⭐️✨Lots of love! ❤️

Devon Rae Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT,

Mentor + Spiritual Guide + Writer + Intuitive + Catalyst

Devon took one of my visibility courses and has been a client of mine as well. Click the Facebook link to join her group and learn more about how she supports women all over the world in her Facebook group, Activating The Sensitive Soul.

Susan Gala,

Wise Womb Keeper & Women's Empowerment Coach

Susan was a member of one of my brand courses and always brings so much great energy to everyone she comes into contact with! She helps women discover the healing power of their wombs. 

Julie Messier Brigante

Certified Health & Wellness Coach | Reiki Practitioner

Julie is a long-time Early Educator and Wellness Coach. She has spent over 33 years cultivating the minds and lives of young children. During this journey, she learned that the teachers and parents need as much if not more support than her students. She is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Reiki Practitioner. Julie took one of my many visibility courses in the past and brought a beautiful energy to our group.