What is a Website Experience? 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs

A website experience can be a place for “play” and intrigue. Top design strategists are now creating an atmosphere where website visitors feel welcome and appreciated through experiences complimenting their visit. There must be more than a logo, shop, and contact form. Get creative!

One day not so long ago, I was designing a site. I thought it was pretty and looked professional. However, something needed to be added! There wasn’t an experience to be had! It was all about the store owner. All it did was direct visitors to buy, buy, BUY! This felt too bold, cold, and salesy.

“I put myself in the potential customer’s shoes and felt a static disconnection. It felt SO yesterday. The strategy was boring because it has been done a thousand times before and had zero modern digital strategies.”

Everything felt like old news, and I didn’t give anything back to keep visitors on the page. But, I expected more and started to think deeply about what this meant for my personal brand clients and me. Things had changed in terms of customer experience. I knew there was a better way.

Today, with every client website, I brainstorm uniqueness to match my client’s energy while creating a controlled experience that presents “play,” goals, calls-to-action, color, typography, graphics, video, and elevated points of interest.

So what does this mean exactly? Here are some points of interest to stir your mind:

  1. Brand storytelling to hit your ideal customer in the heart
  2. Relatable stories and valuable information through creative and strategic copywriting
  3. Play through animations that entice instead of annoy or distract
  4. Kinetic typography to capture the right kind of attention
  5. Pull and drag technology and other movements to guide visitors into an immersive experience on your website
  6. Music! Yes, music for sites is back in style! Hint: It’s all about how you give the customer control over the music.
  7. Video of you and video in general
  8. Contact pages that go beyond a form. Who fills these out anymore these days?!
  9. Resource and tools pages to give your visitors actual value to support their needs and show your leadership
  10. Email opt-ins people are curious and excited about

Why go through all this trouble?

Great question! I get this a lot during discovery calls with potential clients. The up-level creates trust and interest and separates you from the pack. You stand out and show how much you care. Your brand transcends social media and other platforms like Etsy and becomes your dreamy personal hub, where you convert ideal customers into loyal brand ambassadors, referrals, and much more. It is an expansion but also an organized space that weaves all your social and selling efforts across the board into one extraordinary universe you are in control of.

I respect everyone who initially throws up a Wix or Squarespace site. You may sell directly from Facebook or Amazon and have been doing well. However, I always recommend that business owners do what they can at that moment so they can begin their journey. Getting started is the most challenging part, right?!

But there comes a time when you can elevate your brand identity to a new level. And it will feel AMAZING! It will give results that surprise you! A new strategy will provide you and your customers with a revitalizing energy. A real website experience allows you to be proud of your business, increase revenue, and go beyond surface-level looks.

Your new or redesigned website and brand can be experiential, unique, and valuable for you and your potential customers for products or services. This approach will create trust and professionalism. It goes beyond the static online screen life. Your brand begins to evolve and provides you with rewards in many ways.

Many people need help with website visitors. It’s a common business problem. A website and social media brand needs a strategy connected to a 3D human experience. When you don’t implement this concept into your brand, it becomes a replica of so many other websites out there.

When your brand identity online is something we have all seen before, you dilute your attraction level and essentially create a non-memorable experience. I know you don’t want that.

I hope this helps! You can try the above suggestions by thinking outside-of-box and experimenting. Or, you can start the conversation by booking a free brand consultation with me. Let’s talk about the possibilities for your future online identity and website.

Alley Jean – Brand Strategist

Author: Alley Jean | Brand Strategist, Web Designer & SEO for Women in Business

The cultural history of branding, design, storytelling, and art is important to me because it is the foundation of inspiration I take to build authentic brand identities for women in business today.

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